Born in 1984, I live and work in Tokyo. Fascinated by the different forms of modern art, I initially oriented myself in the movie industry and later into photography.
Attracted by geometric shapes and minimalism, I hope to bring a new and different look to our surroundings by pointing out the details of our direct environment.
I work in both film and digital photography and take care of the entire project, from the shooting to the delivery of a work in its final form.
Exhibitions and Articles
Exhibition - "Architecture '23" - SE Center For Photography, Greenville, USA - 2023

Exhibition - "Tokyo Street Photography, Group Exhibition" - Tokyo, Japan - 2021

Exhibition - "Tokyo Nova, A showcase of photographers and artists in Japan" - Tokyo, Japan - 2020

Article - "Le Japon esthétique et contrasté de Nicolas Nothum - Aesthetic and contrasted Japan by Nicolas Nothum" - 2016

Exhibition - Temple du Goût, Nantes, France-  2014
Review - "Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie - La Ville" - 2014
Review - "Portraits... Atelier photographique de Stereolux" - 2013
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